Cummins shows off functional electric semi truck, we wait for Tesla’s response

This 18,000-pound heavy duty truck hauls stuff silently and cleanly

Tesla's all-electric semi truck is expected to debut this month, but Cummins beat Elon Musk's company at its own game.

Despite making a name for itself through diesel engines, Cummins seems to know what lies ahead when it comes to clean mobility and freight, that's why today we can talk about the Aeos 1 – named after one of the four-winged horses Helios (the Sun God) used to pull his chariot.

Greek mythology aside, Cummins describes the full-electric semi as a Class 7 demonstration Urban Hauler Tractor, but it is fully operational.

According to Forbes, it relies on a 140 kWh battery pack and can pull a 22-ton trailer. While not exceptional, the 100-mile range should be enough to allow the Aeos to perform delivery jobs around the city, maybe even around airports or large factory grounds. Maybe the Gigafactory could use one until Tesla's electric semi comes to light.

The same outlet reports charging time takes one hour. However, the company is looking to cut that down to just 20 minutes until road-ready semi debuts in 2019.

In the meanwhile, we're waiting for Tesla to make a move in this market sector. If recent reports are correct, particularly this one from Reuters, Tesla's all-electric big rig would be capable of traveling between 200 and 300 miles on a single charge "with a typical payload." We'll just have to wait and see.

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