Dacia Logan Looks Fitting as Raised Stepway Model

It’s a rendering, of course, but it is along with the Duster the last Dacia not to have a Stepway variant

The Dacia Logan sedan is selling well enough that it doesn’t need a Stepway version, but it would probably sell even better if it did have one. It would be one of the only rivals to Volvo’s S60 Cross Country, albeit smaller in size and accessible at a much-much lower price point.

Dacia’s Stepway versions usually have a smidgen more ground clearance, unique (larger) rims, bare plastic body cladding and unique badging. That’s what has been applied to this Logan by Hungarian digital manipulator X-Tomi.

The Logan doesn’t look awkward at all, we say, wearing the extra plastic and riding higher than stock. And it wouldn’t cost Dacia that much to turn it into a real model; if you do want one, though, you can opt for the wagon version of the Logan, called MCV, which does come as a Stepway.