David Brown Mini test drive and review in Monaco

Restomodded Mini goes for a drive

While BMW MINIs may be perfectly suited to most modern tastes, there are some who’d pay a lot more for a properly updated version of the classic, which is why the David Brown Mini came along. It’s the exact same car you’ve grown to love the shape of over the decades, but with modern touches in every single area.

Serious work has gone into updating the 1960s design, but if you check out this video review and showcase by Shmee150, you’ll start thinking the £99,000 asking price is not really that over the top.

No place of the car has been left untouched, but while you do notice the subtle exterior giveaways that this is not your average old Mini, it’s inside where the changes become more obvious. It looks like it has a mishmash of bits from different OEMs, but as a visual package it all works together and is nicely tied in – it’s about as luxurious as the modern MINI, all while retaining the iconic original’s shape.

It apparently drives pretty well too, because the mods that were applied to it weren’t just cosmetic. Engine-wise, it’s still running the stock motor, but it’s been tuned to make nearly 100 hp which is sent to the front wheels via the standard four-speed gearbox.

Sure, it may be expensive for what it is, but for a collector or somebody just looking for a piece of British luxury he or she can park anywhere in the city, there’s nothing else like it currently available.