DDE Liberty Walk Ferrari 458 Fries a Pair of Tires, Crashes Two Days Later

What, you thought only Mustangs crash?

No, Ferrari's iconic Prancing Horse hasn't been turned into a zebra, although the rebel couture dressing Daily Driven Exotic's Ferrari 458 Italia might suggest otherwise.

The abomination you see is the work of Liberty Walk, and we all know how these guys can teach MacGyver a lesson in resourcefulness when it comes to beefed-up body kits.

Yet the whole point of the video is not about the shallowness of looks, but the 458 Italia's ability to raise goosebumps by merely stretching its exhaust muscles and burning some tire through first and second gear.

Unfortunately, two days after the video was shot (August 2016, during Monterey Car Week), the mutant Ferrari was the victim of accident which left its front end looking like a facelift surgery gone south, but luckily and most important, everybody involved in the incident was a-okay.