Deafening custom exhaust on Camaro causes airbags to pop

We don’t know if it’s the sound or vibration that causes it, but it’s one of the two

Putting a custom exhaust on your Chevy Cmaro ZL1 is not really necessary as the factory setup is really loud enough, and the 6.2-liter V8 already sounds pretty rawty. However, if you do opt for custom pipes, there is a chance they may make your airbags pop.

The video posted below is pretty self-explanantory: this ZL1 owner’s rear airbags inflate while he was doing a high-speed pull on the highway. The incident occurs right after the new pipes are installed – in this case a custom set with butterfly valves that can be opened to allow gases to escape before they hit the muffler.

And immediately after installation, the owner immediately notices just how much more vibration is felt inside when the valves are fully open, but nothing could have prepared him for both side airbags deploying at speed – good think the front bags didn’t deploy…