Did Lamborghini Use Nissan Headlights for the Diablo?

Solving this puzzle once and for all

There are a lot of parts shared between different models in the automotive world. Most of them can be found in the cabin — just take a look at Volkswagen/Škoda/SEAT or Alfa/FIAT.

You’ll also find mass-produced parts in upscale (and more expensive) products from the same automotive group. And then there are also exceptions: expensive cars that borrowed bits from (much) cheaper cars without even having a common parts bin.

One of these rare examples is the Lamborghini/Nissan headlights situation. If you look at the Diablo (the later, facelifted version), and then you switch to a 300ZX image, you realize the lights are identical — which may lead one to believe Lamborghini stole Nissan’s headlights.

We’ll let Rob Dunham, a Lamborghini Diablo owner to clear things up in this matter.

As preposterous as it may sound, this particular headlight’s pricing depends exclusively on what title the selling ad has: a set of Diablo headlights is $1,000 on eBay. For the Nissan 300ZX headlights, you’ll be asked for $200-$250, however. I wonder how much a Lamborghini service is charging you for a fresh set of Diablo headlights.