Did You Know About Audi’s 1980s Five-Cylinder Rally Prototype for Group S?

Check it out in the video; it sounds amazing!

After Group B rallying was deemed too dangerous and stopped in 1986, people were still yearning for an extreme rallying discipline which they got in the form of Group S. It also required the manufacturers who wanted to take part to only manufacture 10 examples for homologation purposes, instead of 200 as per Group B.

One such vehicle created specifically for Group S is this Audi prototype (possibly dubbed 002 Quattro), although it wasn’t actually finished in time to take part in rallies. Details regarding its technical specs are virtually inexistent, but if you check out the video posted here, courtesy of Mk2 Racing Videos, you’ll undoubtedly recognize the bark and warble of the five-cylinder engine that Audi was famous for using in rallying back in those days.

According to the competition rules, engine power was limited to 300 hp so that participants were forced to try innovative solutions for going faster; Group S never took place, though, and it was eventually repackaged and relaunched as the World Rally Championship in 1997.

We don’t know who the owner is, either, but whoever it may be, they have no problem with the car being absolutely thrashed around at historic rallies like the Eifel Rallye Festival, held in Germany.