Dodge Challenger In Line for AWD Version and Wide-Body Hellcat Derivative

Hopefully, the flared ‘Cat will take after Rocket Bunny’s work

Spicing up one's model lineup can be done in several ways, from changing trim levels to adding new performance or equipment packs. Dodge, however, thinks the Challenger needs both all-wheel drive and a broader body.

If the rumors are true, we could see an all-wheel-drive Dodge Challenger coming to life this fall.

According to Automotive News, Dodge will present a V6-powered AWD Challenger in the following months. The new version will supposedly be named GT AWD, which can't help us but reminisce about the drool-worthy Challenger GT AWD Concept shown last year at the SEMA show in Las Vegas and pictured above.

Speaking of which, it looks like that particular prototype wasn't just for show, as the same media outlet reports that in 2017, a rear-wheel-drive, wide-bodied Challenger Hellcat is coming to the market, under the Challenger ADR nameplate.

Furthermore, the wind of change is not showing signs of fading off, because in 2018 Dodge plans to transplant the Giorgio platform (currently carrying the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio) underneath the Challenger, allowing the muscle car to shake off anywhere between 400 and 500 lb (182-227 kg).

But is an all-wheel-drive Challenger a feasible proposition? 

Theoretically, it's doable, as this Road and Track article explains, mainly because FCA already has the needed hardware capable of handling the mad feline's 707 hp. 

And by hardware, we mean the 4×4 system that's going to equip the SUV madness going by the name of Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT Hellcat. Who else is excited by this?