Does Porsche 718 Cayman S have what it takes to challenge a Cayman GT4 on track?

This video pits them head to head on road and around Willow Springs

Porsche made the Cayman into what enthusiasts always insisted it should be when it created the focused GT4 variant. It was and still currently is easily the most extreme mid-engined road-going Porsche ever, but now some are saying that with its muscular turbocharged engine, the new 718 Cayman S (which we drove and found extremely capable) has enough go to challenge the GT4.

MotorTrend pits the two cars against one another on both road and track to put that theory to the test. The GT4 is the more powerful of the two, with nearly 400 hp from its naturally-aspirated 3.8-liter engine, but the 718 Cayman S has the same amount of torque which is more easily accessible and the same benchmark sprint time.

The older Cayman GT4 does have super-sticky track tires which the turbo car lacks, but even so the reviewer feels like there’s a case to be made for the new car. See how the comparo unfolds in the video posted below.

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