Enjoy serene footage of a Porsche 911 GT3 snow drifting in Finland


Contains pure sound and no music or commentary

If you enjoy watching cars do their thing (which we suspect you do since you reached this article), then few sights could beat that of a bright green Porsche 911 GT3 drifting around an ice-covered circuit in Finland.

This is official Porsche footage, but contains no music or commentary and if you’re like us, you won’t know where six minutes went if you watch it. No fancy editing, no fast cuts, no forced transitions – just a GT3 hanging its naturally aspirated flat-six out through every corner.

There’s also something just a tad magic about the footage itself which was shot in what appears to be early morning (or just before sunset) light and the sun shines at an angle and quite brightly, enveloping everything in a warm, friendly glow.

Watching cars do their thing really doesn’t get any better than this. No fancy edit needed, thank you very much.

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