Fab Design mutilated an SLR Roadster in the name of uniqueness

Actually, it’s worse: this is not a one-off

The Fab Design tuning studio crafted an eccentric piece of body kit for the Mercedes SLR McLaren, and one copy is up for sale. But it doesn't come cheap.

The body kit consists of carbon-fiber front and rear bumpers, widened quarter panels, a carbon fiber lip spoiler, triple exhausts, and an array of LED daytime running lights fitted to the horrendously huge front air intake.

The satin color, Forgiato wheels, and upgraded sound system complete the $160,000-worth of changes made to this once pure supercar. There' no word on mechanical upgrades, so the 5.4-liter supercharged V8 still packs 617 hp (626 PS) and 575 lb-ft (780 Nm) — you have to admit, these figures are still impressive even to this day.

Fab Design’s widened body kit is out of ordinary but not a one-off: a total of ten copies have been made. This car is listed at the Luxury Auto Scottsdale used car dealer with a $398,500 price tag. For reference, a stock SLR (in coupé form) with a similar mileage costs $238,799.