Faraday Future's 1,050-hp EV takes on Pikes Peak, stumbles a bit

For a first run, it's a pretty impressive performance

There are a lot of perks the FF 91 has but the most impressive are, of course, those linked to its performance. 

Faraday Future’s super-saloon boasts 1,050 hp and God-knows how much torque — enough to propel the electric vehicle from 0 to 60 mph in 2.39 seconds. It also has four-wheel steering which makes the car’s large body handle corners with ease. Oh, and it can cover 378 miles on a single charge, thanks to a 130-kWh battery pack; so, on paper, it can outstrip any actual Tesla.     

Just to see how much this aggregate can take under constant stress, the development team took the FF 91 to the Pikes Peak hill climb course for a full-throttle run. And it wasn’t just a walk in the park. As Faraday Future’s VP Peter Savagian says at the beginning of this clip, this is the most a customer would ever do to the car in the real world — so the FF 91 would have a sporty side should the one behind the wheel want to give it a go. 

Since we touched the subject of insanely powerful electric vehicles, we’re curious just how much better The Grand Tour’s favorite EV supercar Rimac would fare on this hill climb course. Or, why not, the driverless DevBot prototype. Also, if you're interested in electric vehicles, don't forget to check out this EV-converted BMW 5-Series — it costs way less than a new electric car, and can go for over 700 miles without stopping!

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