Ferrari versus Lamborghini movie to star Antonio Banderas and Alec Baldwin

Banderas will play Ferruccio, while Baldwin will be Enzo

Get ready for a movie focusing on the life and interactions between the men who created Italy’s most famous automotive brands: Lamborghini and Ferrari. The movie will be directed by Michael Radford whose name you may recognize from “The Merchant of Venice” or “The Postman,” with a script written by Bobby Moresco (“Million Dollar Baby”).

Ferruccio Lamborghini will be played by Antonio Banderas, co-starred by Alec Baldwin as Enzo Ferrari.

According to Hollywood Reporter, the movie will mostly be based around the biographical book written by his son, Tonino Lamborghini. Called “Ferruccio Lamborghini. La storia ufficiale,” (Italian the official story), its author says most accurately and respectfully tells the life tale of Ferruccio, not containing any of the myths or untrue rumors that gained popularity over the years.

No word on when the movie will be ready, but it will probably take at least two more years to complete; work on it began in 2015, when Ambi Group bought the rights to make a movie based on Tonino’s book – the big news here was the announcement of the actors playing the main protagonists.