First Look at the All-New McLaren 720S

It’s the first of the second generation of Super Series Models

McLaren is set to reveal its second-gen Super Series model, the 720S, at the Geneva motor show, but if you’re dying to see it before its official release, check it out within. The manufacturer recently released two shots of the interior, to which we added an additional exterior shot we picked up from the internet.

Inside, we’re told it’s going to have a “revolutionary Folding Driver Display” which “combines with all-new Central Infotainment Screen to provide peerless levels of information delivery and driver interaction.” What we can see of the dashboard looks nice and sporty with oodles of carbon fiber, but we’re not sure about the folding display thing – seems like a bit of a gimmick to us.

McLaren says “the new McLaren Driver Interface is a matchless example of advanced driver engagement built around two separate high-definition screens; a Folding Driver Display and a Central Infotainment Touchscreen. The Folding Driver Display is revolutionary in offering both a choice of information shown and physical position, seamlessly complementing driver preferences while at the same time furnishing a glorious piece of engineering theatre.”

On the outside, the evolutionary character of McLaren design is quite evident. The only other thing we know is that it will most likely have 720 hp, as its name suggests.