Ford F-150 Raptor Proves It Can Go Where Lightly Modded Trucks Can’t

It takes big bumps at high speed in its stride

Ford’s new EcoBoost turbocharged V6 F-150 Raptor looks like a purposeful and very capable machine. But how does it compare against a regular truck with performance add-ons?

Well, KBB intended to drive both a Raptor and a modified Nissan Titan fast through the desert, but the latter ended up proving too bouncy and unable to keep up, so it was ditched.

It’s prbably mostly down to the Raptor’s superior shock absorbers by FOX which are specifically designed to take jump after jump. According to Ford, they feature “a base valve piston that enables lower gas pressure, resulting in a more comfortable-riding truck on the road. The internal bypass in the front and rear shocks has nine distinct zones that progressively manage shock forces, allowing for smooth on-road trips along with hard-hitting off-road driving… This allows Raptor to maintain a comfortable ride, and leads to improved confidence for the driver to explore all of its extra-long suspension travel.”

So apparently no, you can’t keep up with a Raptor at speed through the desert in a lightly modified truck which hasn’t had serious suspension work done to it.