Ford F-150 Raptor Wears New Fox Shocks, Gives Them Hell

Mechanical torture at its best

It's funny how some people think the engine or the brakes are the only essential components in a car, while the suspension setup and implicitly shocks are underrated.

Lucky for us, Ford took the time to summon the F-150 Raptor for a joyride meant to see how the, and I quote, 'toughest, smartest, most capable Raptor ever' behaves on a set of shocks developed together with Fox.

For all those mechanics geeks out there, here's what these improvements bring to the table. The three-inch shocks have a base valve piston that permits lower gas pressure, with the immediate result of a softer ride and boosted comfort on the road. 

Furthermore, engineers designed an internal bypass that has nine distinct zones in charge with progressively absorbing shock forces, again, for your own well-being. Lastly, the length increase from 2.5 inches favors better heat dissipation and fade resistance.

Alright, the science class is over, now head to the gallery and get your rebel mood on as you watch the Ford F-150 Raptor in action.