German Tuner Creates M2 Cabrio Replica Based on 2 Series Convertible

We just hope the donor car they used wasn’t a diesel…

If you want to feel the thrill of driving a BMW M2, but you want to also mix that with the enjoyable wind-in-your-hair experience, then you’re out of luck as such a car doesn’t exist. However, Swiss tuner Dähler has a solution for you, even if it isn’t actually based on an M2.

They don’t actually take an M2 and chop off its roof, they instead take an M240i factory drop top to which they add a Motorsport-lookalike body kit. And it’s a good reproduction too, featuring all the M2’s design characteristics, like the flared wheelarches, M bumpers and badging.

You could do this to any 2-Series drop-top, but if you do it on anything other than the swift M240i, and, say, use a 220d as a base for it, then it will be quite silly, we say.

The rims, however, should also be as close to those of a stock M2 as possible, so the ones it’s shown wearing in Dähler’s press photos shouldn’t be an option – they’re way too oversized and they look like they’re from a BMW of the mid-2000s.