GKN eTwinsterX is the transmission of the future

A new type of transmission aims to revolutionize car design

GKN, a global engineering firm that provides the torque-vectoring technology for the Focus RS, has presented a new breakthrough.

eTwinsterX is innovative in the sense that it combines two types of technologies: the Twinster torque vectoring (which uses two clutches to distribute torque between the wheels) and an electric motor-driven axle combined with a two-speed gearbox.

GKN Driveline’s new ‘eTwinsterX’ system has capabilities beyond that of any current electrified driveline. It is adaptable to any vehicle type – front-wheel drive, rear-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The range of potential applications extends from entry-level electric city cars to plug-in hybrid luxury SUVs and fully electric all-wheel-drive hypercars. The technologies within the eTwinsterX system also mean that it is the first eAxle in the world that has full off-road capabilities.

Its coaxial format is significantly smaller than systems with equivalent power outputs and enables easy integration into a multitude of vehicle platforms. The system also has industry-leading efficiency through an optimised shifting strategy.

CEO of GKN Driveline’s AWD and eDrive business, Peter Moelgg, said: “The new eTwinsterX axle is a combination of GKN Driveline technologies that will deliver unrivaled capabilities for the next generation of electric vehicles. It takes multiple award-winning elements from our driveline portfolio and applies the principles in a single state-of-the-art electrified system. Furthermore, our capability as a complete systems integration partner will allow us to calibrate this eAxle to deliver fully brand-aligned experiences for our OEM customers.”