Guardrail catches rally Ford Fiesta from falling off a cliff

We think guardrails are severely underrated

Guardrails are so common that nobody ever thinks about how they can save a life. Or two.

Just because they're not mentioned in the safety & security section on every new model brochure like the pompous (yet equally useful) forward collision warning or blind spot monitoring doesn't make guardrails less safe.

In fact, just to prove we're not losing our minds, below there's a video of a rally car kept from tumbling down a steep mountain by the humble guardrail.

Behind the wheel in the Ford Fiesta R5 was rally driver Tomasz Kasperczyk, pushing it hard on a Rally Islas Canarias stage. Later on, Kasperczyk cleared the air, explaining the incident was caused by brake failure.

Luckily, both he and his co-driver Damian Syty walked away unharmed.

Not so lucky, though, were Jan Černý and his co-driver (filmed above), who rolled a couple of times after crashing through a similar guardrail.

Nevertheless, we hope the one who invented guardrails has a statue somewhere and a fat paycheck.

Via Road&Track