Here are 5 reasons why the boxer engine is the best, courtesy of Porsche

Porsche Boxer Engine

Put it on a 718 GTS and it’s even better

If you think there's nothing better than a V8 (a V10, perhaps?), then think again. Because flat engines are the best, says Porsche, and who are we to say otherwise?

Hans Mezger, legendary Porsche Engineer, and Jean Pierre Kraemer, head of JP Performance, two guys that know everything about flat engines, talk about why boxer engines are the best. It's a quite informative video, that you can watch right now.

Hans Mezger, of course, is the guy behind Porsche's best engines back in the time, and he tells it like it is: the boxer engine is better because it's wide and flat, allowing for a lower center of gravity for the car, and it's perfectly balanced between the wheels because the opposing masses counteract each other. It's also very light compared with traditional engines, and thus it's easier to get a perfectly balanced weight distribution on the two axles. Mounted at the back, it also provides enough weight on the rear axle for incredible handling out of turns, putting all the power down on the rear wheels.

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