Here’s a Tribute Clip to Pop-up Lights, Popping Up

You know you want it

Some people like engines; some are in love with body shapes. This fellow, he's mesmerized by the magic of pop-up lights. But aren't we all?

As with many great things the Internet has to offer, this one started as a fun thing. The author of the clip started filming various cars featuring pop-up lights until he realized he gathered a lot of them and challenged himself to go all the way and make an ultimate collection of popping up lights.

Now it's time for another challenge, for you: to pick the most favorite. I know I couldn't do it. I mean, I always loved the way Alfa Romeo Montreal's/Iso Grifo's headlights are covering up just a bit, and to see an Opel GT opening its eyes always makes me smile. So, what's your favorite?