Here’s How You Make $125,000 Worth of Damage With Only $99

The secret is an indolent driving instructor

In this clip, you’ll see a driver bend all the four wheels of a McLaren MP4-12C after he crashes it.

At first glance, the driver (who apparently doesn’t know how to position his hands on the steering wheel) is at fault. But is he? For his lack of honesty towards the driving instructor, yes, he is. He should have told him that he’s not prepared to take a 600+ hp mid-engine car for a fast spin.

But again, try and think what you’d do when finding yourself behind the wheel of a poster car, one that’s unlikely to buy in your lifetime. But, for just $99, you can profit and drive it around safely, thanks to the driving instructor’s guidance.

The guy sitting in the passenger seat is a driving instructor — a person who knows not only the car, but to also “read” a driver’s skills, or lack of. If you, as a driving instructor, are slothful (or naïve), bad, expensive things can occur.

The lesson any driver should learn from this clip is that you need to take thinks progressively with a new (more powerful) car, no matter how loudly the instructor yells you to give it gas. Now take a look at this cringeworthy video and keep it in mind for when you’ll be in the driver’s seat.