Here’s the difference between understeer and oversteer, neatly explained

One similarity is that any of the two can get you killed

We are pretty sure anyone knows what understeer and oversteer are, but here’s a clip that explains that again, quite thoroughly.

The two example cars here are Toyotas — a rear-wheel-drive GT86 and a front-wheel drive seventh-generation Celica. This useful video is eloquently showing how the two cars react under pressure (speed) — one failing to steer and going forward into a corner, the other rotating around its axis too much.

CarThrottle's video also covers the lift-off oversteer case — the moment when a FWD car throws its back sideways — and talks about the initial understeer, a common behavior in the modern cars regardless their powertrain-drivetrain setup. There are different reasons a car would drift away from the preferred axis, and brutal downshifting might just be one of them. They're all explained here.

Also, can someone tell us how did that Audi manage to bounce off the wall like it has the collision damage feature off?