Here’s What $100k Worth of Ferrari 488 Options Looks Like

Hint: a lot of gewgaws

A video recently posted on YouTube brings an insight on how is Ferrari pricing the optional equipment for its mid-engined V8-powered 488.

For those of you unfamiliar with the name Rob Ferretti, here's a brief introduction.

The fellow owns and manages the superspeedersRob YouTube channel (530,902 subscribers at the time of writing) started in 2003, which he uses to project the picture of exotic car street racing and what that lifestyle revolves around.

Now, back to the point. According to the video, you can get your hands on a bone-stock Ferrari 488 Spider for $280,900. Remember, that's zero options, but for an additional $102,000 premium, the package gets visibly fancier.

Let us break it down for you.

For example, the leather upholstery seat backrest costs $1,516, same as the yellow brake calipers.

Furthermore, the carbon fiber air ducts (two pieces, each slightly bigger than a book) wear a price tag of $4,219. Speaking of carbon fiber: the side air splitters cost $3,615, while the carbon fiber driver zone and LED shift lights turn the page at $7,593.

Heck, for $1,266 Ferrari will stamp the Prancing Horse logo on the seat's backrest and there's still around $43,000 worth of unnamed optional equipment that didn't fit inside the window sticker.

So we guess we've said enough. But for more audacity, head to the video below.