Here’s why the BMW Driving Experience should be on anyone’s bucket list

You don’t even need to have a BMW to take this course

BMWs are known for their perfectly balanced 50:50 weight ratio. That doesn’t mean you can’t launch one in the first tree if you misbehave.

That’s why BMW’s M division offers special driving lessons for those who want to learn how to better control their performance vehicle. And the Bavarian brand’s UK marketing department created a series of clips just to remind us what the BMW Driving Experience program is all about.

Here, you'll learn not only how to follow the apex and how to drive fast while being smooth, but also how to react when the car's balance is altered by the understeer or the oversteer. If you like leaving the tarmac behind (not sliding uncontrollably, though), there's even an off-road course for the biggest of the BMWs — the X5 and the X6.

You may not learn from these as much as you’d like — here's a better explainer for how oversteer and understeer work — but the visuals in the vids are good enough to convince you to enlist for these driving courses.