HGK Created a Monstrous BMW Drift Machine

It’s two-and-a-half times more powerful than a stock M2

If you want power, BMW has enough proper offers to give you a hard time choosing just one. If you want something big and powerful, you'll take the 560-horsepower M6 Gran Coupe. If you're after something more decent-looking yet powerful, there's the 425-horsepower M4. Even the smallest M on sale, the M2, has 365 hp to play with.

But when it comes to drifting, there is no amount of power you can really call "enough". That's why the Latvian folks at HGK Motorsport turned for a more potent engine to fit a 2 Series, the GM-based, good-for-all V8 LS. So yeah, apparently you can fit a 6.2-liter engine in a small Bavarian coupe, if you were wondering.

Even the power plant got tweaked – to a total amount of 820 hp and 679 lb-ft of torque, because drifting is serious business and insanity is just a matter of perception, after all. The package is completed with a six-speed sequential Samsonas gearbox sending that whole lot of torque to the rear axle. Stopping power is provided by large Wilwood discs (six-piston calipers at the front, four at the rear).

We're talking about a drift-spec car, so the fully customizable suspension and a massive roll bar are mandatory equipment.

The project is called F22 Eurofighter, a name very well reflected by its bonkers exterior visual package, inspired by the Eurofighter and F-22 Raptor jets.

God have mercy!