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How the hell can a Jeep Trackhawk beat a Dodge Demon in a drag race?

Here's a properly detailed answer for this question

Although this may sound more like bragging rights opportunity for the Jeep owners, this scenario is as feasible as it is to create a Sport Utility Vehicle packing 707 hp. I mean, no one thought about that until some fetishist engineers at FCA did.

There's quite a difference between the Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk and the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon, in pretty much any area, and the Demon is the obvious favorite in a drag race between the two. Compared to the Demon, the Trackhawk is heavier, less aerodynamic, and has about 130 hp, 125 lb-ft less. On the drag strip, no all-wheel-drive system can make up for this handicap. That's until you find out what the Demon's weakness is.

So is it really possible for the Trackhawk to beat a drag-spec Dodge Demon at its own game? We’ll let Jason Fenske from Engineering Explained tell what makes this absurdity happen.  

P.S.: have you seen this Pennzoil commercial featuring Its Unholyness Dodge Demon? You should.

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