Hugh Jackman Will Play Enzo Ferrari in Upcoming Movie

Will Wolverine be a good Enzo?

Hugh Jackman is famous for his part as Wolverine, but it seems that the Australian actor will now become Enzo Ferrari for his next big movie.

According to several sources from the entretainment business, Jackman has accepted the role of Enzo Ferrari for a biopic directed by Michael Mann.

Jackman isn't the first choice for the role of Enzo Ferrari. Initially, actor Christian Bale, famous for the role of Batman in the Christopher Nolan trilogy, was chosen for the part, but he stepped aside due to the fact he couldn't gain the necessary weight before filming began.

Swedish actress Noomi Rapace is also tied to the project as Ferrari's estranged wife, Laura.

The action is set to take place in 1957, a time when the rivalry with Maserati was high, and the Ferrari company was navigating difficult times.

But, let's not forget there is another Ferrari movie in the works, starring Robert de Niro as Enzo Ferrari.