Idiot finds out what happens when he pours Coca-Cola into his BMW’s tank


He even seems surprised with the result

From the channel famous for torturing iPhones in any number of excruciating ways, TechRax, we bring you this video about pouring Coca-Cola into the tank of a BMW 3-Series.

The E46 wagon in the video is a 325i model from 2003 which ran sweetly before the sugar-laden caramel fizz was added to its tank. We don’t know how much fuel the BMW still had in its tank prior to it receiving the dose of Coke, but it certainly doesn’t like it.


By the looks of things, the car had nearly a half tank of gasoline left to which exactly two liters of Coke were added.

The result? The car does start and run for a few minutes, but it sputters and dies requiring a costly visit to a garage where it got its fuel system drained, as well as new fuel pump and filter installed.

The moral? Just don’t pour Coke into your tank.

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