In Recoil 4, BJ Baldwin flies through Cuba in his trophy truck

Prepare for some suspension porn

When it comes to crazy things that make you wonder how in the world are they even possible, the trophy truck series automatically comes into mind.

These machines are not only fast while sitting high off the ground, but racing them in an official series also involves jumping off ramps. Just as the monster trucks do, only at far greater speeds and angles. Or just like Baja, only more hardcore.

But “official series” sounds, erm, too official and makes you think of involvement — a thing people nowadays are avoiding, because busy life & stuff. So that’s why these showcase clips appear, to draw attention on this crazy-ass discipline.

In the latest Recoil (which is like Gymkhana, only with a lot more air), BJ Baldwin uses his 850-hp Toyota trophy truck as means of transportation, rushing to a party — because being late to a party ruins everyone’s day, right? Plot clichés aside, this video is a must watch, especially for that suspension work and the 191 ft flight — the biggest “residential” jump ever achieved by a trophy truck.

Also, smoking is bad. We mean cigars here, not those Toyo Open Country tires.