Is the Mercedes S-Class bulletproof?

Guy shoots up Mercedes S-Class with a number of guns

Remember all those Hollywood movies in which you could hide behind your car in a shooting and be safe? Well, forget about them.

First thing's first, the W220 S-Class in the video is not one of the bulletproof versions made by Mercedes for heads of state or mobsters, it's just a regular vehicle for everyday drivers. Even so, the question here is just how much safer would Mercedes' top of the line model is compared to a normal, average-priced car?

The car in the video fares pretty well against a 9mm Glock, but anything with a higher caliber spells doom for all the passengers of any S-Class that isn't truly bulletproof. The video gives comprehensive evidence that multiple sheets of metal and interior trim cannot stop bullets effectively, as we see in the movies most of the times. So kids, don't try this at home, or anywhere else, for that matter.

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