Jay Leno drives the $625,000 Case IH Quadtrac

Handling it requires both the steering wheel and a joystick

Think of the Case IH Quadtrac as the Stegosaurus of land machinery and have a better look at it as it makes an appearance on Jay Leno’s Garage.

Heavy-duty tractor for hardcore farmers. That’s a good description of the thingamajig you’re looking at, but their makers call them the most powerful tractors in the market.

More interesting is that its tracks are not built as an add-on. The actual tractor is built around the four tracks, so you can’t fit wheels on it and then switch back to tracks. 

It also tips the scales at 52,000 lb (that’s 26 tons) and uses a 12.9-liter six-cylinder engine with common-rail fuel injection that makes 2,169 lb-ft of twist (2,940 Nm). Price tag: $625,000.

By now you must have figured out that every detail about the Case IH Quadtrac is nothing short of impressive and since the video below stretches to 34 minutes, it’s best you get on with the viewing part as more spicy info is awaiting from two guys who are living encyclopedias when it comes to the Case IH Quadtrac

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