Lamborghini Hopes Urus-Based SUV Will Double Sales by 2019

Pretentious to say at least

With the wonder recipe of success in their hands, even supercar manufacturers can aim high and take their sales volumes to otherwise inaccessible levels.

Jaguar and Bentley have one, Rolls-Royce is catching up quickly so in this confusing SUV nebula the automotive industry currently finds itself in, Lamborghini hopes to sell twice as many cars by 2019, aided of course, by an SUV.

We've already seen and digested (with a pinch of salt, that is) the Urus concept, yet Lamborghini has high hopes for the SUV model that would come out of the prototype.

According to Reuters, Lambo CEO Stefano Domenicali expects to see production reach 7,000 units per year once the brand's SUV enters the market, which will probably happen in 2018 at an estimated starting sticker of $200,000 and could be succeeded by a plug-in hybrid version by 2020.

Mister Domenicali also stated that the interest for such a model is high, especially in the United States, which puts Lamborghini in the position to 'push like hell' in the effort to sell as much as 3,500 SUVs a year.

Luckily for purists (the undersigned included), the Sant'Agata Bolognese-based carmaker won't give up on its primal DNA. Therefore, the Italians will continue to operate in the supercar business as before. Which we can't help but applaud.