Lamborghini Says Future Self-Driving Cars Should Tutor the Driver

And they’re working with MIT to make that happen

Ciao, I'm Lamborghini (insert famous fighting bull name here) and today, I will be teaching you the art of track driving.

Don't laugh just yet, because the future for Lamborghini might involve self-driving cars, but in a more educational way.

Pro driving skills are something you acquire after excessive hours of practice and sometimes through to the generosity of an ancient method some might know as trial and error.

Speaking to Roadshow, Lamborghini R&D board member Maurizio Reggiani thinks the sole purpose of an autonomous Lamborghini is to sharpen the driver's abilities.

"If I am on the track, I can have input from the car that allows me to be a better driver. If the car is able to teach me…I can really enjoy being close to it. This, for me, is what autonomous driving means. It's not somewhere you can read a newspaper. It's something that can support you."

According to the same outlet, mister Reggiani is currently on a visit at MIT, where the carmaker he represents will enter a "first round of brainstorming." 

The official also cautioned that if the partnership proves successful, the project's unfolding could only spawn a vehicle in the 2020s and beyond.

Furthermore, he underlined that the Lamborghini customer accepts no compromise when it comes to emotion, and therefore, this concept will remain unchanged in the brand's philosophy.