Lexus gives CT200h second facelift

It launched in January 2011 and got its first nip and tuck in 2013

Mosst cars these days usually get one facelift close to the very middle of their lifecycle, but not the Lexus CT200h as it’s just received its second refresh. Made at the Miyata plant in Japan, the CT hasn’t really succeeded in winning over its world wide audience, selling a meager 300,000 since it was launched in early 2011, so they've had to change it yet again.

This second facelift isn’t as noticeable as the first one, but you might be able to spot the subtly different front grille and redesigned front light clusters. Same goes for the rear, although there only the L-shaped LED rear lights are evidently different.

One notable change is the proliferation of the F-Sport bumper (the one with the gaping grille) across all models in the range – it’s no longer reserved for the F-Sport, but standard on all models.

The interior looks pretty much untouched bar the new and larger infotainment screen that has grown from 7- to 10.3-inch. The powertrain is untouched and still relies on a 1.8-liter engine plus electric motor and CVT combo to deliver smooth acceleration for a laid back drive.