Liberty Walk transforms Honda S660 into pocket-sized supercar wannabe

It doesn’t go any faster than stock, but it looks like it could do 300 km/h with that body kit… even though it only has 63 hp

Liberty Walk has a unique style which it tries to apply to all models it offers kits for, and their signature style has now been applied to the pint-sized Honda S660 mid-engined kei car. The kit they’re offering is comprised of front and rear bumpers, side skirts and air suspension and that’s about it. Oh, and the all-important fender flares – can't forget those…

The rims and tires combo they’re showing it on seems to be optional and is not included in the complete package which they’ve priced at around €5,000. It also doesn’t get any more power than the stock 63 hp it has, so this is a classic case of all show and no go.

But what a show it is to see something so small and seemingly harmless become a widebody monster you see before you here.

In order to turn it into a proper little performer, youd’d need to ditch the hefty and really useless air suspension, and also fettle with the engine as much as you can.