McLaren announces “world’s first hyper-GT” will be called Speedtail

25072018_McLaren BP23 Hyper -GT name revealed_image

It will be a three-seater with a central driving position

McLaren has officially named the vehicle which previously bore the BP23 code name – now we know they’re calling it Speedtail and are referring to it as the world’s first “hyper-GT” type vehicle.It promises to have a “flowing, highly streamlined design,” and “feature exquisite new materials encouraging boundless tailoring through McLaren Special Operations (MSO).”

Its powertrain will be of the petrol-electric hybrid type and while no figures are mentioned yet, future owners are promised a speed in excess of the 243 mph / 391 km/h achieved by the iconic, now classic McLaren F1.

Part of McLaren’s Ultimate Series, it also promises to be comfortable and luxurious on top of its hypercar performance ambitions and with the central driving position, owners will be able to travel with two passengers, just like in the old F1. The car’s public reveal will take place sometime before this year ends and all 106 planned examples have already been reserved at £1.6million plus taxes.

25072018_McLaren BP23 Hyper -GT name revealed_image

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