Mercedes CLS reimagined with Panamericana grille

Mercedes-AMG CLS63 Panamericana grille

Our sources tell us that there is an update coming for the CLS

The Mercedes CLS is arguably one of the most beautiful cars in the world. Will the new grille make it more, or less attractive?

The old diamond grille launched back in 2014 with the Mercedes-AMG GT S will be phased out, according to our sources close to Mercedes. The new Panamericana grille that made its debut with the GT R will be introduced to more and more models.

Mercedes-AMG GT with diamond grille

Here we have a first look at how a new, facelifted, CLS might look like with the aforementioned Panamericana grille. Also, there is a new shape for the headlights which, along with the grille makes the car look even sleeker than today's model.

Mercedes-AMG-GT-R panamericana grille

We also want to hear your opinion on the matter, so feel free to tell us your opinion on the way Mercedes is developing the design of its cars.

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