Mustang Duo Sets Drift World Record

No one got run over in the process

If 2016 taught us anything about Mustangs, it’s that they can’t be trusted around people. Numerous user videos have shown us the Mustang’s ability to attack people every time the accelerator pedal is pushed hard enough for the car to lose grip.

This example, however, comes to clear that disadvantageous image, also proving what we already know: it’s not the car’s fault, is the driver’s.

Saudi Arabia’s Ford distributor, Al Jazirah Vehicle Agencies (AJVA), decided to set a record for the biggest area in tire marks, creating the “biggest tire mark image.” That, of course, involves drifting.

The cars were two Mustang RDT-D from Al Jazirah Ford Racing, driven by Abdulhadi Al-Qahtani and Muath Al-Essa. During the 45-minute long drift action, the two create an 883.98-square meter (9,515.07-square foot) Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon out of tire marks.

A year before, Saudi Arabia’s 10KSA initiative had created the “largest human ribbon” out of 8,264 participants. For safety reasons, no Mustangs were present there.