NASCAR Driver Drifts Himself Out of Hitting a Wall at 200 MPH, Shows Mad Skills

Superhuman reaction right there

Earlier this week, we saw a car fight that never got to turn into a fist fight, as the boxing-wannabe action took place during a NASCAR-governed race at the Bowman Gray Stadium.

Lucky for all the gearheads out there, the garden of NASCAR is huge and in some of its corners, skilled drivers fight anything but other drivers. Like a blown tire at around 200 mph. 

This story's hero is Erik Jones, who was racing car number #20 at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway when physics decided he needed a challenge. 

With the car's right rear tire off the rim and out of the equation, the driver's priorities quickly turned into one vital goal. That is, prevent the car from exchanging atoms with the wall. 

Which is exactly what he did, by pounding the gas pedal and pushing the sideways-travelling car away from the exterior wall and into safer ground. Was it luck? No way Jose, you can't pull off something like that without insane skills and years of practice.