Need For Speed Payback is the Fast and Furious you can play

Available this fall

Electronic Arts just revealed the first official trailer for the upcoming installment in the Need For Speed series. Things are getting serious.

After the last Need For Speed — in which you team up with street racing aficionados and follow your idols — Electronic Arts thought about a story that’ll keep our interest level high.
Payback tells a story about revenge, following a double-crossed former street racer that starts rebuilding his crew in order to bring down The House, a very powerful cartel who’s controlling the city of Silver Rock.

The Need For Speed Payback now has five different vehicle classes — Race, Drift, Drag, Off-Road, and Runner. They will all be explained at the next EA Play session June 10 but we guess you already know what’s doing what.

Story-wise, as far as we’ve seen from the trailer, this is like playing a Fast & Furious game which, to be honest, doesn’t sound that bad, does it? The full list of cars is yet to be disclosed but, from what we’ve seen it’s going to be comprehensive enough to please all tastes. And of course, there’s an E46 M3 thrown here! Also, if you were curious how the future BMW M5 super-sedan would look like, there’s a sneak peek in the trailer aaand a fully-disclosed frontal in a promotional image.

All in all, the next Need For Speed game could promise several hours of racing arcade fun, at least as long as Ghost Studios makes a series of changes regarding the gameplay. Ghost and EA also collaborated for the previous NFS title and while the graphics were neat, the cars’ control was rather a reason for rage quitting. We can all hope this will be one of the novelties the devs have in store for us.

Speaking of the stores, Payback is already available for pre-order on all three platforms — PC, Xbox One, and Playstation 4 — and will hit the stands November 10, 2017.