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Need for Speed Payback trailer gives sneak peek at car customization

If you’re into stancing your custom-painted wheels under a widebody kit, then NFS Payback is up your alley

Electronic Arts, the publisher for the entire Need for Speed series, is very proud of the extensive car customization options provided by its latest upcoming title called Payback. Now after showing off part of the customization and storyline at the official reveal at this year’s edition of E3, a new trailer has been uploaded to highlight the many modding options it offers.

However, it doesn’t really show any of the things you can do to your car - the trailer focuses solely on showing already modified cars racing around. Now that is a bit odd given it’s a video title “Official Customization Trailer”...

Nevertheless, it looks like bucketloads of arcade fun - it feels like it's along the same lines the previous Need for Speed game in the way the cars behave, and the graphics look very similar too. It’s safe to say, therefore, that the customization will be similar to what that game has, but with additional bits and options crammed in, as well as barn finds (like you have in Forza Horizon 3).

Need for Speed Payback launches November 7 on PC, Xbox and PlayStation4, but by that time we’ll have seen plenty more trailers like the one posted below. For additional info and comments check out AR12's video above.

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