New Ford Bronco 2020 rumored with 7-speed manual gearbox

It’s the latest development in the new Ford Bronco saga

Ford has and uses for some of its cars a 10-speed automatic gearbox that we think would fit nicely inside the new Ford Bronco. However, recent reports also talk about a manual transmission.

One such report comes from Jalopnik. The outlet claims that “according to sources who spoke with Jalopnik,” Ford went to Getrag, asking them to develop a manual gearbox that would fit inside the upcoming new Bronco.

Moreover, the MT-88 is the given code name for the new gearbox and the same outlet suggests it will be twinned to Ford’s 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 engine.

In addition to that, Jalopnik quotes a spec page on the Getrag website that is in fact a data sheet for a six-speed manual gearbox “for middle and high torque applications” and “all-wheel drive application possible” that can be upgraded to seven speeds and hold up to 550 Nm of torque (that’s roughly 405 lb-ft).

Last time we heard about the Ford Bronco was last year, when a report claimed it will pack 325 hp coming from the same engine mentioned above and will sell for $30,000.

So far, these are just speculations, but we’ll get back on this hot topic as soon as more info becomes available.

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