Next Audi A6 Avant load lugger digitally imagined


It’s exactly what you’re expecting, but cool nonetheless

Audi has officially revealed its all-new A6, but you’d be hard pressed to tell that as it looks as samey as ever in the context of their own range with only subtle details setting it apart from other sedans.

But even so, it’s a very well proportioned thing (especially sitting on big wheels) and it’s probably the best looking A6 in years – if only marginally so…


So far only the sedan has been show, but doesn’t take a rocket scientist to picture what the popular load lugging A6 could look like. Our artist had a very easy job to turn the three-box sedan into the Avant and the result could definitely fool you if placed in a misleading context.

Basically, you don’t have to wait for Audi to reveal the estate A6 because it won’t really differ from this speculative interpretation. This is pretty much it – we really don’t expect it to differ too much from this.


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