Nissan Trumpets New e-Power Hybrid Powertrain Capable of 87 MPG or 2.7 L/100 Km

Still confused about where the car industry is heading?

Using the facelifted 2017 Note as platform, Nissan introduced the e-Power hybrid drivetrain based on know-how acquired with the Leaf EV.

Naturally, the e-Power setup borrows EV tidbits from the Nissan Leaf, but there's a twist.

A gasoline one, as a matter of fact, since the system also uses an internal combustion engine tasked with charging the battery when necessary.

Therefore, e-Power is not a plug-in hybrid setup, but rather a range-extended one, similar in some ways to the BMW i3. This also means the ICE (internal combustion engine) is not connected to the wheels and simply juices up the battery pack.

According to Nissan's presentation video, the Note e-Power – available in X/Medalist and S interpretation – returns between 34 and 37.2 km/l. That's Japan's way of expressing fuel economy, which corresponds to 87 mpg or 2.7 l/100 km, more or less.

On the visual front, the refreshed 2017 Nissan Note takes a lot after the Rogue (aka Qashqai in Europe), especially if we look at the V-shaped grille dominating the car's face.