Normal cars drag race: Honda Civic vs Hyundai i30 vs Seat Leon

Honda Civic vs I30 vs Leon

Also a nice comparative review for the three family hatchbacks

Forget about a supercar-laden drag race. Here's a down-to-earth, normal cars race for the quarter mile. Place your bets!

The guys at Carwow thought it would be a refreshing change to drag race three affordable hatchbacks for once, and so they brought together a Hyundai i30, a Honda Civic and a SEAT Leon. All cars have relatively similar power outputs – 140 hp for the 1.4-liter Hyundai, 130 hp for the 1-liter Honda Civic and 150 hp for the 1.4-liter SEAT Leon. You can compare their technical specs in our Car Comparator.

So, did you bet on the (clear) winner? Anyway, here's how the cars compare overall:

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