One of the craziest FWD hot hatches ever: Alfa Romeo 147 GTA


You know you shouldn’t want one, but you can’t help yourself

Alfa Romeo 147 GTA is a 3.2-liter hot hatch with its V6 engine slung over the front wheels which are the only ones it powers. And its 250 hp is channeled to the wheels through an open diff, while its suspension is not as stiff as it could be.

But even so, there’s just something about it that makes one desirable and I know that I want one too, even though I know I shouldn’t. Its intoxicating combination of gorgeous looks, a very sexy, sumptuous interior, the unmatched V6 warble and its heritage all still make it seem worth it in the back of a petrolhead’s mind.

Especially if said petrolhead puts in the time, effort and money to improve the car in the ways the factory didn’t: locking differential, uprated suspension and better tires which is what is on the car in the CarThrottle video below.

With these mods, it starts to make more practical sense too because it drives much-much better than in standard form.

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