Porsche is almost giving up on the diesel engine in its range


One more vehicle that will keep using it, though

Porsche has announced it will axe its diesel-burning variants of Panamera and Macan only nine years after debuting its first oil-burner in the Cayenne, back in 2009.

The automaker just announced the decision, according to Autocar, although it later came back on it to clarify, stating that the new Cayenne will still feature a diesel variant. It could, however, be the last compression-ignition-powered Porsche ever.


Car&Driver quotes the Porsche UK statement which says “currently, the demand for diesel models is falling, whereas interest in [gasoline] and hybrid models is increasing significantly. In light of these facts, Porsche has adapted its product planning. This decision means that Porsche currently does not offer any vehicles with diesel engines. However, it does not mean a diesel exit at Porsche. As announced, the new Cayenne is set to feature a diesel powertrain. The exact time of the market launch is not yet clear.”

Porsche will therefore completely shift its focus towards electrification and it is already on track to launch its first dedicated production all-electric vehicle in 2019. It backs up its decision through numbers: the Panamera 4S Diesel, for instance, made up 15 percent of total annual global sales, while gasoline variants accounted for 35 percent; the remaining 50 percent were all hybrid versions.


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