Quick Jaguar I-Pace drive announces great things


The I-Pace not only looks good but also drives well too

Jaguar I-Pace was one of the most popular cars for visitors of the 2018 Geneva motor show (because it’s good looking, electric and attainable), but nobody’s yet given it a proper test to say whether its driving experience matches its look.

Well, this piece isn’t about the first full review of the I-Pace, but about this quick video made by carwow’s Mat Watson who was given the chance to drive the car on a small closed course in Geneva.

During his quick and quite windy drive, he didn’t get to see much of what the car can do, but he did throw it around a bit and it really seemed to like it. It looks like it’s quite a chuckable and fun vehicle, one which you can have fun in.

The car’s interior was also praised in the video, especially compared to that of the F-Pace which it surpasses. In fact, when we drove the F-Pace we found the materials and assembly quality not great and we can verify that they are indeed miles better via our own static preview video straight from Geneva.

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