Red Mitsubishi driver tries to run over cyclist in Brazil

Textbook road rage video right here straight from Rio de Janeiro

Road rage incidents between bicyclists and motorists are usually caused by the latter not seeing, giving way or just making a bit of room for the former. However, we’re a bit confused by this car-v-bike altercation that took place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, not necessarily

The cyclist’s video description reads as follows: "I was coming back from a delivery and as I passed the bike lane the driver of the red car invaded the lane pushing me into the corner. I went through it without even bumping into his car. I complained in sequence and he knocked on my back. I got off the bike and he kept moving forward with the car on me and on the bike. Not to die I stayed on top of the hood until he stopped the car. We all went to the police station shortly after."

If you watch the video, you’ll notice that indeed the red Mitsubishi ASX / Outlander Sport really does encroach on the biker’s line, but the biker could have anticipated that this would occur as the car’s path narrowed up ahead. Maybe the biker knew this’d make for a good YouTube video but it then got a bit out of hand and his life was on the line for a few seconds as a result.

But who do you think is at fault? Who started it?

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